No one in Congress can compete with Modi; Natwar Singh


In the midst of the ongoing political discord in Punjab, the Congress is now also falling victim to the attack of its loved ones. Veteran leader Natwar Singh has said that there is no leader in the Congress to challenge Narendra Modi. Former External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh said that there is no one in Congress, including Rahul Gandhi, who can challenge Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Not only this, Natwar also praised PM Modi fiercely.

Asked if Rahul Gandhi could challenge the Prime Minister, Natwar Singh said, “Do you think so? Will he be able to stand in front of PM Modi? If you want to see the difference between the two, then take a look at the debate between PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi. You must have also seen the interview of Rahul Gandhi on TV channel. PM Modi is a good speaker. He is fearless and courageous. There is no one in Congress who can challenge Modi, because he is a great orator.

Natwar Singh said that Rahul Gandhi does not have any post in the party, but he keeps taking decisions. Singh told that three people are responsible for the current crisis in the Congress party. One of them is Rahul Gandhi, who doesn’t even hold any post but keeps taking decisions. Let us inform that Natwar Singh has criticized Rahul for the position of Congress in Punjab, Chhattisgarh and Kerala.


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