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‘Haseen Dilruba’ director on shooting rafting scenes

Mumbai, June 17 (Indus Prism) Filming the rafting scenes in the Taapse Pannu-starrer “Haseen Dilruba” came with its set of challenges, says the film’s director Vinil Mathew.

The film is set in a small town by the river and rafting plays an integral part of the story. Mathew said shooting amidst the rapids meant they could not load heavy camera equipment in the raft.

“We had to shoot a rafting scene in a fast-moving rapid river. Since we could not carry heavy cameras onto the raft. The DOP and I carried portable cameras and got into the raft to shoot the actors ourselves. Holding the camera with one hand and our lives with the other, we shot the scene as the raft dangerously tossed and turned. It was a fun crazy day, at the end of which we were fully drenched!” Mathew recalled.

“Haseen Dilruba”, featuring Taapsee with Vikrant Massey and Harshvardhan Rane, is slated to release on Netflix on July 2.


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