Nick Jonas is also a fan of Indian customs, Priyanka Chopra said- On every special occasion…


Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas seem to be setting the couple goals. Both come from completely different backgrounds but both seem to be playing their traditions together. In 2018, Nick and Priyanka married according to Christian and Hindu customs. The families of both respect each other’s religion equally. Priyanka and Nick were also seen worshiping at the inauguration of their restaurant. Now Priyanka told that whenever there is a special occasion, Nick asks her to worship.

Priyanka said that in the end religion leads to the path where God is. So whatever your faith, with whom you have been brought up, we are all heading towards that higher power. We are both on the same line.’ Priyanka has also given a cute caption while posting a picture.

Priyanka further says that ‘I do a lot of worship in the house. Whenever we are doing something big, Nick often asks me to do this, because we have started every good work in our life like this and prayed with thanks. I’ve got that kind of upbringing and she’s got that kind of upbringing. We have tried to create something similar in the family as well.


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