Sudha Chandran appealed to PM Modi, CISF apologized for the trouble at the airport


Recently a video of well-known actress Sudha Chandran went viral in which she appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Sudha Chandran had said that whenever she goes to the airport, she is asked to remove her artificial limb during the security check. They have to face trouble because of CISF. Now CISF has apologized by tweeting on this.

CISF wrote on Twitter, ‘We apologize for the inconvenience caused to Sudha Chandran due to us. As per the protocol, prosthetics have to be removed during the security check, that too only in exceptional circumstances.

In another tweet, CISF wrote that ‘We will examine why the lady CISF personnel asked Sudha Chandran to remove the prosthetics. We would like to assure Sudha Chandran that all our personnel will be re-sensitized on protocol so that travellers do not face any problem.


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