Relief continues! New cases of corona at a low of 8 months


There is a steady decrease in the cases of corona in the country. Only 13,596 new cases of corona have been found in the last one day. Due to this there has been a rapid decrease in active cases and this figure has now remained only 1,89,694. This has happened after 230 days i.e. about 8 months, when such a big decrease has been seen in new cases of corona.

The recovery rate is also increasing rapidly due to the decrease in new cases and increase in the number of people recovering. At present, the recovery rate has increased to 98.12 percent. This figure has reached the level of March last year. On one hand, only about 13 thousand cases have been found in the country in 24 hours, while 19,582 people have recovered from Corona. Not only this, if we look at the percentage of active cases against the total cases found so far, it has now remained only 0.56%.

At present, only 1.89 lakh active cases are left and this is the lowest figure in the last 220 days. The weekly positivity rate has also come down sharply to 1.37 percent, which has remained less than 3 percent for 115 consecutive days. The daily positivity rate has also come down to 1.37 percent.


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