Second case of Omicron found in Delhi, person returned from Zimbabwe infected


The second case of Omicron, a new variant of Corona, has come to light in Delhi. Here the genome sequencing report of a traveler from Zimbabwe has come out Omicron positive.

It is being told that South Africa is also included in the travel history of the person. With this, 33 people have been infected with the new variant Omicron in India so far. 33 cases of Omicron in India So far 33 cases of Omicron have been found in India.

Maximum 17 cases have been found in Maharashtra, 9 in Rajasthan, 3 in Gujarat, 2 in Delhi and two in Karnataka. It is a matter of relief that the report of all 9 people in Rajasthan has come negative. The patient’s report has also come negative in Pune, Maharashtra. On the other hand, an Omicron patient from Karnataka has fled to Dubai.


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