Cocktail doses of corona vaccine are more effective against Delta, research revealed


Earlier this year, many countries started the work of giving two different doses of corona vaccines. Then it was claimed in preliminary studies that this type of vaccine could be more effective.

Now several new studies have come out, which scientifically confirm that different doses of two vaccines prove to be more effective than two doses of the same vaccine. Compound vaccines have been found to be more effective, especially against the delta form.

A research has claimed that in many countries including Germany, Sweden, Denmark, where different vaccines were being given together, its results have been good. In Sweden, about 100,000 people were given AstraZeneca mixed with Pfizer or Moderna supplements. The results have been good.

Similarly, taking AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines in Denmark was found to reduce the risk of infection by up to 88 percent. According to this study, this effect is comparable to two doses of Pfizer, but greater than that of two doses of AstraZeneca.


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