7th Pay Commission: The government changed the rules related to the nominee


The Central Government has made a major change in a rule related to the death of an employee in the line of duty. This change is very important for the relatives of the deceased employee. According to the new rules, the compensation received by the employee after the death on duty will be paid to the family member who has been made a nominee. This means that the nominee will be entitled to compensation. Till now there was no compulsion to make a nominee in this case.

What will happen if the nominee is not made: If the central employee has not made a nominee, then the compensation amount will be divided equally among all the members of the family. That is to say that no member is entitled to this compensation amount. Let us tell you that government employees make nominees in pension, PF or gratuity. However, a nominee is not made for the compensation received in case of death in the line of duty. Now the government has issued a circular and has given guidelines in this regard.

Now in respect of compensation also employees can make nominees. Through this, it will be decided that if the employee dies while on duty, then to which member of the family the amount of compensation should be given.

It has also been said in the circular that in this case only the family member will be made the nominee. No outsider can be made a nominee for the compensation amount. Simultaneously, the government has also amended the format of the form annexed to the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 to include nomination in respect of payment of compensation.


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